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October 11, 2008


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Thanks for the great information.

Getting readers to stay on your blog is one of the most difficult things in blogging. That is why blog content is so vital. If its good they will keep on clicking on your blog.


Thanks for the great tips... I will use them for my blog

I think too many bloggers don't understand bounce rate. It is far too important to let just slip by. Thanks again for the information.

Laura Barat

Thank you for the invaluable information. I justed started a new blog and need to know these things.

Laura Barat

THank you for the invaluable information. Now I know that'll I'll need to write more interesting stuff. These tips will really help.


Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have added your fBtG eed to my RSS reader so that I can keep tabs on your new ideas.

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